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  • 12 seat suite in Jordan-Hare Stadium
  • PRICE: $7500
  • Access to suite level through East Elevator Lobby 30 minutes prior to gates opening
  • Your 12 guests will receive a suite pass and a corresponding ticket in the Nelson Club- Jordan Hare Stadium suites are glassed with a small window. The view will be amazing but to make sure the guests are able to enjoy the full concert experience, your 12 guests will also have a seated ticket allowing them access to the Nelson Club just a mere level below the suites. The guests will have the freedom and flexibility to use the elevators or stairwell to move between the suite level and the club level at their leisure.
  • 6 additional wristbands allowing access to Suite Level so that you may entertain additional guests attending the concert. (similar to an up pass at a football game)
  • 3 Premium parking passes
  • Food and beverage packages available for purchase through Proof of the Pudding

Please contact Barclay Smith at Barclay.smith@chickensaladchick.com for more information. A limited number of suites will be sold on a first come, first serve basis.

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